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about me.

I'm Angela Pothaczky, a Hungarian artist. I’ve been drawing since the age of four, I obtained all my skills by myself, in a self-taught way. I’ve graduated from Media and Marketing Communications in Budapest.
The name "Artemiss" is refers to my love to animals, nature and art.

My favourite film is the "Bucketlist" with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. This movie and two others, "About Schmidt" and "The Secret life of Walter Mitty”, very clearly express the conception of my life.

In 2012 I created my own creative company from zero. Today I am a recognised artist, repeatedly appearing in the media, television shows, different interviews and many newspaper articles.


I’m creating Happy Story Arts- caricatures, illustrations, exclusive portraits - things that people can give to each other as presents, giving their loved ones joy and happy memories. Also I have created some special things like mummy coffin scenery, carvings, or marketing materials for some movie sets. My idol: the best of myself. My motto: "Be yourself, and do what you like, don´t care about anyone else.“

I work with special non-ordinary people, individuals who love curiosities, and like to give their loved ones special and personal gifts. I also love creating more professional and special art, such as costumes for movies, fantasy faces and body paintings, special supplements, wallpaintings that glow in dark, exclusive portraits and funny caricatures based on personal characteristics of people.

All my work of art is unique and personalised. During the preparation of my art I like to get closer to people. This helps me to create artworks that are very personal. I don’t believe in mass production. I think all creatures on Earth are unique and unrepeatable. Please look at my website, my artworks, and in case of any request don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed checking my website.


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